Approved Handler Test Certificates: Agrichemicals, Class 3 Flammable Liquids

An Approved Handler Test certificate is required to purchase certain Agrichemicals.

The application of Agrichemicals must be by an Approved Handler, or under the supervision of the same when application is through a Motorised handgun, Boom sprayer, Airblast sprayer or Aerial application, also within 30 meters of both property boundaries and waterways.
Course material covers the new information on Hazardous Substance classifications found on Chemical container labels, legislation and responsibilities for the Handlers of Agrichemicals.

This course duration is three to four hours and requires the completion of an open book assessment.  This Certificate has a life of 5 years and is renewable.

Class 3 Flammable Liquids require an Approved Handler Test Certificate for use and transport, over 250 litres or in bulk, in an undivided container, over 450 litres.  This Certificate has a life of 5 years and is renewable.

Approved Handler Renewal

There are several options available for the renewal of your Approved Handler Certificate, providing you have your orginal certificate.

Please contact for the best renewal option for you.

Growsafe Courses

The Growsafe training programme teaches the Safe, Responsible and Effective use of Agrichemicals. The first level Introductory course shows students the requirement and skills for safe and effective spraying. The next levels teach the management and responsibilities of Agrichemical use along with pest control options. 

This qualification is required when supplying produce into the food chain and for food industries that are associated with export.  Unit Standards 21563 &21564

Some contract work for Government Departments require this accreditation. 

The Growsafe certificate has a life of 5 years and is renewable.
Courses are held regularly in various locations.

Growsafe Introductory Course is also the first step to becoming a Registered Applicator of Agrichemicals.

Growsafe Renewal Course
This course is for the user of Agrichemicals that to show they are practicing what they have learnt at the previous course and are compliant to industry standards and legislation. To do this they must have copies of spray diary, list of agrichemicals held in storage, and answer certain industry questions along with their original Growsafe Certificate.

Spraying Equipment & Agrichemical Advice

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