Handpump Sprayer Certificate

This course is designed for people who use knapsacks e.g. DOC staff or volunteers for DOC, Council staff, farm workers or small hand pump sprayer for general use.

TOPICS covered include:
Agrichemical Labels
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Measuring and Mixing
Application Techniques
Nozzles and Spray Control
Environmental Protection
Stump Swabbing
Record Keeping
Cleaning and Decontamination
Equipment Maintenance
This training complies with NZS8409 Management of Agrichemicals. 

Please note this course is best completed on a desktop or laptop computer.
If you start course and need to leave, you can return to the course via If you start the course and need to leave, you can return to the course via the link you receive on email after registration.

Motorised Boom and Handgun Certificate

This course is for ground based agrichemical applicators using Motorised Boom and Handgun sprayers. Applicators of Agrichemicals with properties of toxic, corrosive and ecotoxic risks to our environment must be qualified.
Environmental Protection Authority, Hazardous Properties Controls Notice 2017; Schedule 10 outlines the 'Qualified Person'. 

Agrichemicals being applied 30 metres from a property boundary or waterway must be applied by a 'Qualified Person'. 

Envirospray™ Motorised Boom and Handgun Certificate options qualifies applicators to use this equipment to protect people, property and places. 

Option 1 - Motorised Boom and Handgun Certificate only
   A:  Complete this course online along with assessments throughout.
   B: Practical Evidence – provide photos and evidence for proof of practice.

When both these steps are completed an Envirospray™ Certificate will be issued to you. 

Option 2 - Motorised Boom and Handgun Certificate (Option 1) With Unit Standards
Along with both steps of Option 1, have chosen United Standards put on your Record of Learning. 

Unit Standard options:
#21563 – Knowledge of Agrichemicals
#23620 – Apply Agrichemicals to crops, pests or pasture (Boom Operation)
#23617 – Prepare and apply Agrichemicals to control brush weeds (Handgun operation)

You can complete all 3 Unit Standards or 
21563 plus either 23620 Boom Operators or 23617 Handgun operators. 
There is extra application forms and fees for completing Unit Standards. 

Option 3 - Motorised Boom and Handgun Certificate and New Zealand Certificate in Agrichemical Application

Complete both steps of option 1 and proceed to be signed up for a New Zealand Certificate Agrichemical Application Programme when completed you'll become qualified as an Envirospray Registered Chemical Applicator. 
There is extra application forms and fees for this training programme. 


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