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(Initial & Refresher)


The Pilot Chemical Rating Initial course is a 3 day course, covering the CAA rules and syllabus for Pilots and Drone operators.

Our CAA Approved course is designed to be legally correct, technically informative and practically appliable.  The minimum prerequisite for a Pilot is a Private Pilot's Licence. A PPL is not required for a Drone operators.

There is pre-course questionnaire to be completed prior to attendance to give students a guide to what the course is about. When the training and "open book" Assessments have been successfully completed a Pilot Chemical Rating will be issued, This rating allows a Pilot to apply agrichemicals, fertilizers and VTA's with a CSL from WorkSafe NZ.

The Pilot Chemical Rating has a life span of 5 years.

Adroit Solutions Ltd is CAA Part 141 Certificated to provide the Initial and Refresher Pilot's Chemical Ratings.


The Pilot Chemical Rating Refresher for Pilots and Drone operators.

The Course is a one day Course with pre-course questionnaire to be completed prior to attendance. It is available face to face or Online via Microsoft Teams. 

This course covers the latest legislation requirements, updates, and other relevant information including compliance with Regional Councils.  Assessment is "open book".

​Adroit Solutions is Certified by CAA to present Pilot, Drone operator courses online via computer face to face training systems. 

​The Pilots Agrichemical Rating has a Life span of 5 years.

This rating covers application for Agrichemicals, fertilizers and VTA's after obtaining a CSL from WorkSafe NZ using your Chemical Rating Certificate as evidence of Training.


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