Hazardous Substances Part 4.5 Certificate

If you start course and need to leave, you can return to your place, not needing to start again.
Please note this course is best completed on a desktop or laptop computer. 

This course is designed for people working with Hazardous Substances that can have serious toxic or health effect on humans. The material is written to help you understand the substances you are handling at work or in the same environment as them. How to learn about the safety requirements to be protected with PPE. Develop safe work practices in compliance to the Health Safety at Work : Hazardous Substances Regulations 2017.

When you have successfully completed the course you will be issued training certificate stating your successful achievement in completing the HSW:HS Part 4.5 training requirements of knowledge and practice in the workplace. 

Topics covered: 
Legislation and Codes of Conduct
Recognising and describing Hazardous Substances
Training, PPE and Instruction of Workers
Record Keeping for training and instruction
Supervision requirements
Emergency Management
Emergency Response Planning
Fire Fighting Equipment

This course has been designed by Adroit Solutions team of experienced specialists in Hazardous Substances. 


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