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Resellers, Store Persons & Advisors

This course is designed for people who work in the Retail supply chain of Agrichemicals Classes 6.1A (Catergory 1 Toxic) or 6.1B (Catergory 2 toxic) for sales, Consultancy or Agronomy

A Certified Handler Certificate is required to purchase, store and use agrichemicals with toxic classifications 6.1A, 6.1B or Catergory 1, Catergory 2  Acute Toxicity.

Course material covers the new information on Hazardous Substance classifications found on Chemical container labels, legislation and responsibilities for the Handlers of Agrichemicals.

​Resellers, Store Persons and Advisors need to know about the Chemicals and their risks, that is why the Legislation HSW:HS:2017 requires Handlers of Hazardous Substances to be trained and hold Certified Handler Certificates

​You are vital link in the transfer of information for the life cycles of Hazardous Substances from Manufacture, Transport, Storage, use and Disposal

​Storage and Transport are part of your workplace duties - this course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills not only to gain a certificate but improve your ability to add on sales of PPE, signage, measuring tools and equipment for the efficient use of Agrichemicals

​All topics relating to store management are covered in this Course

Certificate has a life span of 5 years.


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