Certified Handler Certificate Agrichemicals Resellers & Advisors

This course is designed for people who work in the Retail supply chain of Agrichemicals Classes 6.1A (Catergory 1 Toxic) or 6.1B (Catergory 2 toxic) for sales, consultancy or agronomy. 

Resellers and Advisors need to know about the chemicals and their risks, that is why the Legislation HSW:HS:2017 requires handlers of Hazardous Substances to be trained and hold Certified Handler Certificates. 

You are vital link in the transfer of information for the life cycles of Hazardous Substances from manufacture, transport, storage, use and disposal. 

Storage and transport are part of your workplace duties - this course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills not only to gain a certificate but improve your ability to add on sales of PPE, signage, measuring tools and equipment for the efficient use of Agrichemicals. 

All topics relating to store management are covered in this course. 

If you start course and need to leave, you can return to the course via the link on the email you receive once you complete the registration form.
Please note this course is best completed on a desktop or laptop computer. 


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